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We are often asked many common questions, so to try to help we have come up with a series of frequently asked questions to help solve these questions.

If you still cant find an answer to a question please contact us and we will do all we can to answer your questions.


Web Hosting

If you are looking for details about our web hosting services, The following questions may answer what you are looking for:

All our web servers are Windows based, we currently do not support any shared Linux hosting. If you have a Linux hosting need we can provide a dedicated Linux server if required.

Web Site Design

If you are looking for more information about having a new web site designed or built, The following questions may answer what you are looking for:

This is not a simple answer as we always price each web site based on the requirements of the customer.

We feel its unfair to price two web sites that consist of for example 10 pages the same. The reason being that you can be sure that the 10 pages from each web site will not contain the same type of content or the same amount of content.

That's why we will always give you a bespoke price for your exact requirements.

Domain Names

Looking for more details about oregisterign and owning your own Domain Name, The following questions may answer what you are looking for:

We register them normally for 1 year at a time
We ALWAYS register your domain in YOUR name unlike other companies we believe its your name so should be owned by you

Content Management

If you are looking for details on updating and managing the content of your web site, The following questions may answer what you are looking for:

Yes, If you also take our CMS product 'Connex' this will allow you use our web based WYSIWYG HTML content management system that will provide you with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for creating and publishing web content.

Changes can be made to text, images, links, tables and downloadable documents. 

Email Questions

Here is a list of frequent email questions we are asked:

We support both IMAP and POP3, settings form email accounts such as outlook:

Incoming mail server: www.viewmymail.co.uk
Outgoing mail server: www.viewmymail.co.uk
Username: your full email address 
Password: your email password

Yes simply visit https://www.viewmymail.co.uk

Enter you full email address and password and you will be able to access your email

Julie Couture Cakes
To Spiral Sites - thank you! From one short meeting you have designed and built an amazing website that has proved to be of great value to my business. As I am not a computer literate your patience and help was phenomenal. You came well recommended and I shall continue to recommend your company. The only thing remaining to say is thank you so much!
Julie Couture Cakes
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