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Do you have a project requiring bespoke programming? Can't find an application that fits? We have the experience in developing bespoke business applications. 

Unable to find an application that solves your problem?

Spiral Sites has the expertise to offer bespoke programs for clients with special and specific requirements that may not be available 'off the shelf'.

If you have searched major software providers for a specific solution to meet your business needs but need something more bespoke and specific to your needs, we can help.

We offer a range of bespoke software solutions including, business applications, databases, client relationship management systems, intranet systems, tracking systems and more.

Company Intranets and Extranets

May be you need a company Intranet to allow for increased communication which can open up a great number of opportunities for more efficient and effective running of your business. They can be developed as staff only forums where staff events, company communiques and notice boards can be posted or company telephone directories or meeting room bookings can be viewed.

On a more complex level, company intranets can be an effective method of streamlining your business processes such as stock management systems, bookings, order tracking or a full client relationship management system. Spiral Sites can develop a unique Intranet solution whatever your requirements. 

Perhaps you are looking for a bespoke Extranet to allow you to share information in a controlled environment within your company as well as with your customers or suppliers. Typically, they form an area within your existing web site, or seperate domain, where users have specific log in details. As with Intranets it allows for increased communication and provides efficiencies to your working processes as well as providing users with access to vital information at any time. Extranets can be developed as client order tracking systems, customer specific information for any industry relating to orders, accounts, invoicing and procedures.

Our expertise in designing and implementing web site solutions include the following:

  • Graphic design and Macromedia Flash Animation
  • ASP, ASP.NET scripting and Javascript
  • Database-driven Web sites using MySQL, MS SQL Server
  • eCommerce
  • Web site accessibility
  • Mobile web sites
  • Search engines optimisation
  • Secure server solutions
  • Credit card payment provision

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We have found the staff and the company to be extremely professional, and very helpful with all aspects of internet marketing. We would not hesitate to recommend Spiral Sites services with any future website/internet ideas.
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