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Spiral Sites email is an affordable email hosting solution. Using the latest mail server software it enables you to work at your PC or on the go with complete mobile and PC synchronization.

Spiral Sites offer web site hosting and email hosting. One of the most important parts of your business can be email and keeping in touch with your customers so it's important you choose an email supplier that can provide a fast, reliable email service.

Once you have secured your domain name, just let us know what email accounts you require and we will set them up for you. You can then access your email using an email clients such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Mail etc., or via your mobile.

We also provide a web mail service which is available online via your browser.

You can access web mail from any PC with Internet access anywhere.

Having a business email address will build credibility and provide your company with a professional image. If you use the email provided by your broadband supplier, you will lose it if you change supplier. Your email address also advertises your business and web site to everyone you send an email to.

Spiral Sites provide SMTP services or POP3/IMAP accounts to give your business the best e-mail capabilities. 

All our email services offer the following:

  • Spam filtered email
  • Web mail client to access email anywhere - built for quick and easy mobile navigation
  • Smart phone enabled for use on devices like iPhones, iPads etc.
  • Migrate mail form any mail service such as Gmail, Hotmail, Exchange etc.
  • Email archiving for all inbound and outbound mail at domain name level to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), the Health Industry Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and other regulatory requirements **
  • Exchange ActiveSync for industry standard synchronization **
  • Premium Antispam **
  • Zero Hour Antivirus **
** Additional charges apply.

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Peter AC Sloan Solicitors
First recommended to Spiral Sites in 2006 as we needed to have a website designed for our business and just didn't know where to start! Spiral Sites took us in hand and since this time we have received consistently excellent service and support. We have found that when requesting changes to be made to our website they are dealt with swiftly, and efficiently. We have never experienced any difficulty with our website, it is always up and running with no downtime. We can only say the most positive comments about Spiral Sites, friendly, supportive, efficient, responsive and extremely helpful. We feel very privileged that someone recommended us to Spiral Sites, and we are happy to do the same, having experienced such a high level of care, advice and unfailing support.
Peter AC Sloan Solicitors
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