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How to get more customers with your web site

It’s all very well having a great search engine ranking and a huge number of hits but unless you get a sale or an enquiry your Web site isn’t doing what it’s there for?

Yes, you need traffic as without it your Web site is a waste of money. However, you also need a good conversion rate to make your Web site successful. This is the process of getting this traffic to take some action that is commercially valuable. If your conversation rate is low, you are throwing away business to one of your competitors.

Once the visitor has found your site and has spent some time looking at various pages, you know that they are actively looking for what you sell or have to offer. There is no better time to get your business proposition in front of them.

Whilst you can never make them buy or make an enquiry, there is a great deal you can do to increase your conversion rate:

Make sure your home page engages with the visitor
Avoid going on about you and what you do, instead make it clear how what you sell or the services you offer helps them. As an example, rather than stating 'We are the biggest and best supplier in the UK', say '24 hour delivery and guaranteed satisfaction or your money back'. If you want to say how great you are back it up with genuine testimonials from real customers.

If you are selling online, make sure that your web site is quick loading
Avoid slow loading graphics. Your menu and navigation should be easy and quick. Most importantly, your online store should be visible with very few clicks to get to it. You could put a selection of your top selling products or new products on your home page to entice visitors into the store. Your shopping cart should be easy to use. Ensure that when products are added to your cart the visitor can easily get back to carry on shopping. With increasing credit card fraud make it clear to the visitor that payments are taken in a secure environment, giving them that extra peace of mind.

Have a unique selling proposition
If possible, offer something that your competitors do not. This can range from short term promotions and offers to discounted shipping rates for regular customers. 

Update your product range regularly
Offfer your visitors free but valuable information that is related to your product or service. 

Make sure you Web site looks good and more importantly works in all browsers
This is particularly crucial if you are selling online. If your site is an online store, ensure that the visitor can get to the products easily and quickly in only a few mouse clicks. Otherwise, treat your website as a lead generation tool with the aim of getting the contact details of potential customers.

Provide the visitor with good quality images
People often buy with their eyes so give good quality images of the products you are selling along with detailed descriptions and pricing information. 

Ensure that your email links and contact forms work
Contact forms should be as short as possible and quick and easy to complete. Lengthy forms asking too much information will put people off. Just get the basics you need in order to progress the lead.

Test your site
Get colleagues or user groups to explore the site, make a purchase or enquiry. Listen to their feedback and amend your Web site. Remember, your site is not a static advert and small but important enhancements don't cost much!

For more information about how to increase your website traffic or how to increase your conversation rate contact Spiral Sites today.