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How to keep your visitors

Getting visitors to your site is one thing but making them stay and more importantly ‘converting’ them to make an enquiry or purchase is something else entirely.

You want to keep your visitors on your Web site as long as possible and you will also want them to return for a future visit. If your site is selling something, statistics show that the longer you can keep someone on your site the more likely it is that they will buy your products or service. Your site needs to do everything it can to ensure that visitors make a purchase or contact you with an enquiry. You also want them to come back, again and again.

6 Tips to make your visitors stay

Quick loading pages
Make sure that your Web site pages load quickly, in particular your home page. If your home page takes too long to download chances are you've already lost your visitor before they even had chance to see your site! Time is precious; they won't waste it waiting for your site to load.

State your Web site's purpose
Your site should show its purpose quickly. This confirms to the visitor that they are looking at the at the right Web site and that they are not about to waste their time.

Easy navigation
Ensure that your site is easy to navigate. Your homepage should lead visitors to the rest of your Web site and all the pages you want them to visit. If your Web site is an e-commerce store, make sure that the visitor can get to the store quickly. Make sure that your contact details are easy to find. If it takes too long or it's not clear, your competitor may get the call instead!

Update content regularly
 Change your Web site's content regularly. Chances are people will want to return to a site that is updated on a regular basis. Whether it's to view new products or new services or just revised information, it shows the visitor that your Web site and business is growing and more importantly that you want to provide the latest information, products or services to the visitor.

Offer your visitors something for free
Offer the visitor something when they get to your site. This may be free information, free articles or a special promotion or discount. If you have a monthly e-Zine or Newsletter, getting visitors to subscribe is a great way to get them back to your site and helps to make the experience more interactive.

Make your layout clear and professional
The layout should be clear, text easy to read and you should check spelling and grammar. People will get turned off and leave if they see a lot of mistakes. It is a sign that the site is not professional. 

Add Video
Adding a video means that the visitor will stay on your web site longer allowing you more chance to convert them into a customer.

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